Rental Policies

Weekend Rental Policy

We are trying to leave the opportunity for people to be able to rent two nights on the weekends as this has been the most common request. Once guests are able to book their two nights on a weekend then we are able to open the remaining night up as a single night rental. If there is no 2 day booking on any particular weekend as little as 4 days before the weekend we will accept single night bookings on that weekend.

Cancellation Policy

Each booking requires a non-refundable deposit of $150/sphere night plus tax. Once a booking is made, the cancellation policy is in effect.

For cancellations made within two weeks of a booked date, 60% of the full price of the booking is charged. For cancellations made within two days of a booked date, the full price of the booking is charged.

Re-Booking Policy

Once a booking is made, we offer a one day grace period wherein a single schedule change may be made free of charge. Bookings rescheduled after this grace period are subject to an administration fee of $25. For example, if we take your booking on November 17th, you have until the end of the day on November 18th to reschedule your booking free of charge.

Children Policy

Due to liability insurance, we are an adult only facility. 16 years and over.

Smoking Policy

Smoking or Vaping of any substance is not permitted in the spheres”. If you stink the sphere up with tobacco or marijuana products or butts you will be charged an extra cleaning fee.

Pet Policy

Pets are not allowed in any of the spheres. Competent, reliable pet sitters are available.