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Have you always wanted one, seen them online, or maybe you have stayed at our resort? Well, good news, after years of planning, we are going to start a production run mid-2023!

We will be commissioning 15 units in 2023. Please email to express your interest in being added to the production list.

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Do you have the perfect location for a treehouse resort?

Please use the form above to contact Ben if you would like to set up a call.

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Common Questions and Information

Phase 1, designing your perfect suspended spherical treehouse resort for you
We handle transport and installation of the spheres for you. Our spheres come ready for guests to enjoy.
On average it takes about 6 months for the production of our spheres.
No trees? No worries – check out the overview above and see our platform design. We harm no trees with our design.
The spheres structure is fibreglass – robust, lightweight and long-lasting (approx 900kgs or 1980pds)
The spheres have one of the smallest eco-footprint of any accommodation (micro and macrofauna, plus flora can co-exist under our units).
The spheres are classed as temporary assets. In case of emergencies, we can lower the units down and out of harms way in 30 minutes.